Why Us?

The Story of Weight Loss

The vast majority of clients that struggle with weight loss already have previously trained enough to support their goals. The issue is that they fail to address the more critical factors of nutrition and lifestyle. 

The Problem:

The issue is that they fail to address the more critical factors of nutrition and lifestyle. What most clients don’t realize is that if they don’t get their diet and their lifestyle in order, no amount of training will get them the result they’re after.

The Solution:

The key is developing good exercise habits through slow and steady progress. To get the most benefit, you should try to get the recommended amount of exercise for your age. A well-structured diet provides the fuel required to maximize performance in the gym, the nutrients required to repair and recover from hard training sessions, and the building blocks required to gain muscle mass overtime.

Rypt Gym in Midtown

The first time Rypt Gym opened its doors, it was a serious gym for Body Building champions. Under the direction of Dr. Jose Almeida, the gym has taken a new path by focusing on medical technologies,  wellness, optimal health and bodybuilding.

Rypt Gym has teamed up with Midtown Body, a medical wellness center. Through this partnership, we focus on getting you the best body composition. Our services are centered around building muscle, reducing body fat, and maintaining a healthy physique.

Joining Rypt Gym will result in an active and longer life!

3430 N. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Come and visit Midtowns premier gym for both physical and device based results.