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Experience Counts At Rypt Gym 

Personal Training

Together, at every step of the way, you will be driven by a passionate trainer with over 30 years of experience using the latest science during your in-person session or at home with our Virtual Training App

Experience Counts

Diet Coaching

Did you know that bodybuilders never go hungry? Bodybuilders are required to eat every three hours. Expect our personal diet coach to set you up for success! All you need is an open mind and be willing to change your habits and we will do the rest!

Custom Diet Plans

Body by Rypt 

Our Body by Rypt program provides personalized diet & exercise plans for you to have the body you have always wanted!

We know what it takes to win

Contest or Event Preparation

Need to prepare for a bikini or bodybuilding competition, or simply lose weight? We make the impossible possible. If you are willing to work a bit, all we need from you to believe in yourself, we will take care of the rest. 

Yaxeni Oriquen with Arnold

Foundational Training

If you thought you could not have the body you want becuse of a past injury or you are an athelete that needs to improve your game, guess what "We Got You". Reset your nervous system, increase your range of motion.....

Exercise Physiologist

Recovery Therapy

At Rypt there is no excuse to be less than what you can be.  Here we accelerate your bodies natural healing abilities to assist with post-injuries and post workout recouperations......

We know what it takes to win

Midtown Body

Rypt Gym has teamed up with Midtown Body, a medical wellness center. Through this partnership, we focus on getting you the best body composition. Our services are centered around building muscle, reducing body fat, and maintaining a healthy physique.

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Meet The Trainers


Co-owner &  Head Personal Trainer 

Yaxeni Oriquen 

Bryan Lockley

Exercise Physiologist 

Bryan Lockley

Personal Trainer 

Jose Maria Invernizzi 

Berg Arruda

Personal Trainer

Berg Arruda 

Zoltan Zenda

Personal Trainer 

Zoltan Zenda


jose almeida

Jose I Almeida, MD 

Owner & Medical Director 

Dr. Jose Almeida was born in 1963 and has been serving the Miami community since he was a surgical intern in 1991. Dr Almeida completed his general surgery residency at the University of Miami- Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1996, and his fellowship in vascular surgery at the University of Missouri- Columbia in 1998. Since 1998 he has been a busy vascular surgeon here in Miami with a focus on vein disease. 

Outside of medicine, Dr. Almeida  was a varsity letterman in football and wrestling in high school and has been lifting weights since the age of 15. He is currently 4th Dan in karate. In 2008 he began competitive bodybuilding under the guidance of Yaxeni Oriquen, and is still competing annually at nationals in the NPC Masters, over 50 light heavyweight division. In 2016 he founded RYPT Gym.

Yvette A.

Your body can heal itself given the right tools.  It may take a bit of work on our part but if we are prepared to make a life change, otherwise we are stuck going to the doctors for pills that mask the problem!