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Accelerate healing  & optimize performance to look and feel your best at all times. 

Do you experience chronic aches and pains? Tired of going to doctors who order MRIs that don’t show the source of pain?

"Blades, Guns & Straps" is a combination of applied kinesiology, assessments, and therapeutic modalities. It utilizes the nervous system and its storage of functional movement patterns. To determine why certain movements have become dysfunctional or inefficient and what we can do to fix them.

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Bryan Lockley

Bryan Lockley

Bryan Lockley has a bachelors degree in sports and fitness and a masters degree in strength and conditioning. He worked as a team manager and strength coach for UCF basketball and football and strength coach for U Miami club basketball and squash while working as a recovery specialist with those respective teams. Focus is on neurological re-education, soft tissue mobilization, and foundational training.

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