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How it works...

You and your personal trainer will come up with a plan that is tailored to your goals, and the two of you will work together. Purchase per session or package deals.

Why it works

You have the option of working out in the comfort of your own home with your own personalized exercise program, or, at Rypt  Gym with an enthusiastic trainer with over 25 years of experience.


Anyone that wants to improve their body & Lifestyle

Prices & Packages

Personal Training by Yaxeni

Per Session


Package of 6 


Package of 12


Competition Package

Personal Training by Zoltan

Per Session


Package of 6 


Package of 12 


Personal Training  By Berg

Per Session


Package of 6 


Package of 12 


* Must have Body Transformation Membership at Rypt Gym For all Personal Training Packages.

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Over 100+ Happy Clients 


Body Transformation thru development
of  healthy Habits

Body Transformation With  New & healthy Habits

Choose Your Trainer

Choose from one of our professional trainers who knows how to make a program that fits your goals, interests, and personality.

We Design Your Personal Nutrition & Exercise Plan

True measurements result in true outcomes. Our trainers use the results of your free 1-hour fitness assessment as well as information about your lifestyle to create a program that is customized to you and your goals.

We Set you up for Success

Developing new habits ensures success, whether in our gym or out and about. Your personal trainer will design a monthly exercise plan for you that includes in-person training sessions as well as workouts you can do on your own using our Rypt Gym App. You are never without a plan, whether you're in Rypt Gym Facility or at home.


No matter where you go You are never alone

Based on your fitness goals, our Rypt Gym App will adjust your workout program to respond to changes.   With Rypt Gym App you can track and log your workouts in the gym or at home.


Our Team


Head Trainer 

Zoltan Zenda



Berg Arruda

Berg Arruda




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