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Easy to Stay Focused

Here at Rypt is easy to stay focused.  You will not get lost in the world of Yapping and Selfies like in other gyms.

It's A No-Nonsense Gym

Training is easy when the people around you are serious about it. The vibe at Rypt is different than other Gyms.

Other Gyms are for socializing; Rypt is for serious athletes with serious goals.

Former Ms. Olympia Makes dreams become a Reality

The place to trade your dreams for reality

Who else can get you the body you always wanted but never new how to get?

Our Owner Yaxeni Oriquen!
Yax knows not only the exercises but the diet required for you you to make your dream a reality!

We Train Winners Here!

The award-winning training staff at Rypt has extensive experience in bodybuilding and bikini competitions.

Get ready for your next big event with the help of Rypt.

Rypt is for Winners

Yaxeni' Rank #2 Among Female BodyBuilders.

You are who you hang out with

At Rypt, we guarantee Results.  

It is much easier when the people around you are serious about what they do and all look amazing.  

Here at Rypt you'll be reminded every second that you're there to work, not play.

It is hard to eat sh.. when the person next to you is working their ass off and looking fantastic.

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5580 NE 4th Ct,
Miami, FL 33137

Here is our awesome team

Yaxeni Oriquen is a professional bodybuilding champion. She ranks as the second-best female bodybuilder in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. Her most noteworthy achievement has been winning the Ms. Olympia title in 2005.

Yaxeni Oriquen

Originally from Brazil, Berg has been the go to trainer of many Miami Socialites and celebrities for decades. As an authority in functional training, sculpting and toning muscles are his main talents. Find him as well every Tuesday and Thursday at RYPTCamp.

Berg Arruda
Rypt Trainer

One of the most skillful Competition trainers in Miami. Jose Maria is an expert in getting all his clients to reach their best looks and performance through healthy eating and conscious weight lifting. Bilingual training available (English and Spanish)

Jose Invernizzi
rypt trainer

With over 20 years of experience Zoltan is a nutrition and weight training Guru. Whether looking to get ready for a competition or aiming to lose stubborn fat, Zoltan will provide all the necessary guidance to help you reach your goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Zoltan Zenda
rypt trainer