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Ms. Olympia 2005 with Arnold S.

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Our customized Transformational Body Program is designed specifically for each client by Yaxeni Oriquen, owner and Manager of Rypt Gym.  Yaxeni knows what it takes to transform any body type. It does not matter where you start from, the results are the same- An Amazing Body

Yaxeni Oriquen is a professional bodybuilding champion with more than thirty years of experience as a personal trainer specializing in nutrition, weight training, and body sculpting- a true expert in BODY TRANSFORMATION.

General Population

Dieters on crash diets, confuse meaningful weight loss because they are losing lean muscle and along with fat. Dieters who combine proper diet with an exercise program can add muscle and strength at the same time they are losing fat. Tools such as DEXA scanning available at our Brickell office helps monitor your weight loss progress.

Event Preparation

Yaxeni has a three month plan involving some basic strength training and flexible dieting using caloric manipulation. Ideally clients to go on to a structured weekly program to maintain their gains.

Elite Athletes.

This requires hard work. Strength training and diet coaching requires a disciplined approach that can be maintained for years. Hitting the weights hard and tracking macronutrients allow clients to hit their milestones.

Contest Preparation

This requires 12 weeks for most clients. It's important to have a good coach to maintain diligent training especially while manipulating caloric intake. Carbohydrate restriction can cause irritability and it's important to have a good coach during this journey.



Your body composition is determined by 80% of what you eat, so your success is dependent on us supporting you in developing healthy eating habits. We'll go over the fundamentals of energy balance and metabolism. Prioritizing protein and strength training will aid in muscle building and fat loss. Carbohydrate restriction can cause irritability, so having a good coach who can guide you through this journey is crucial.


We are experts at shaping your body so that it has the shape and size you want. We will make a program that plays up your strengths and helps you improve your weaknesses.


There is nothing better than having someone who recognizes how difficult it is to form new healthy habits. We will be with you every step of the way, providing not just encouragement but also real-world knowledge on transforming lifelong habits into a new Healthy Life Style.

PErsonalized Meal Plans

Choose between premade meals or customized meal plans based on your tastes, caloric needs, and goals.
ogether, we'll find out what you like and don't like about the meal plans and figure out how to deal with any problems that come up.

Before & After

Rypt Body Plan

Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plan

Personalized Nutrition

  • 30-minute Initial SKYPE or Telephone consultation
  • 15-minute monthly follow up SKYPE or Telephone consultations
  •  Personalized meal plans
  • Monthly assessments (measurements, weight and mood will be evaluated)
  • Email, chat, and messaging support