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By Rypt Gym

Looking to :

build muscle, lose fat & Develop Healthy Eating Habits?

How we can help you get the body you've always  wanted


About 80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat; so, your success is dependent on developing healthy eating habits. We'll go over the fundamentals of energy balance and metabolism. Prioritizing protein and strength training will aid in muscle building and fat loss. Carbohydrate restriction can cause irritability, so having a good coach who can guide you through this journey is crucial.

EXERCISE supervision

In addition to an extensive selection of machines and free weights, we also have a team of seasoned personal trainers. Each of our certified personal trainers has more than 20 years of experience working with clients of all levels, from people who are just starting out to competitive bodybuilders.

Resistance exercise is critical. Prioritizing muscle mass and muscle strength are critically important to optimizing our health and longevity.


There is nothing better than having someone who recognizes how difficult it can be to develop new habits. We will be with you every step of the way, onto a new Healthy Life Style. It has been shown that clients that need to report to a trainer once or twice a month get the best results.

PErsonalized Meal Plans

Choose between pre-made meals or customized meal plans based on your tastes, caloric needs, and goals. The Rypt App helps keep you on track. Our programs are built flexible from basic services to highly supervised services based on your budget and needs.

Why people struggle

We have been in the gym business for years, and we have heard the many reasons why clients do not succeed with their fitness goals.

1. Not enough time

It is difficult to make it to the gym during our busy lives. Let us help. We can get you started with our personal trainers and our online app. After we get you moving in the right direction we can continue to track your progress using digital tools. Periodic check in's are crucial to stay on track.

2. Unrealistic goals

Start slow. It is important to develop consistency with resistance training and nutrition. Fitness is a lifelong journey so know that it takes years to develop an elite physique. With the proper attitude one can program their mind to embrace the daily routine. It is a grind. With the correct mindset it can be very enjoyable experience.

3. Diets don't work

Diets don't work because it requires a lifestyle change. The body will lose weight when in a caloric deficit. We have diet coaches that can help you learn about food and proper eating habits. We also have medical tools that can help you. Most people have trouble with sugar cravings; with proper coaching we can get rid of these.

4. Injuries

Injuries are frustrating and usually avoidable. We have trainers that can teach you to perform exercises correctly; and avoid injuries. We also have tools that can help repair injuries from wear and tear.

5. Not enjoyable

There is no reason why training and taking care of oneself cannot be enjoyable. We all have days when we don't feel like working out; these are the most important days to get it done. We have to reprogram our minds through repetition. This will lead to consistency which in turn leads to results. Everyone enjoys good results.

6. Hit Plateaus

Plateaus can occur for those who have not changed a workout routine after an extended time. Making changes to your routine both in terms of exercise regimen and nutrition can be the key. Experience personal trainers have all seen this and can help you work through it.

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