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Whether a professional, amateur, or beginner- we share all the tools needed to win.

What we do

Contest Preparation

Our Competition Prep Package is the complete competition solution. You’ll receive a customized experience for your diet including peak week, and an exercise protocol specifically designed to meet comptetition. Based on three decades of competition experience, we will assist in building your confidence and preparing your overall stage presentation.  Most importantly, each client receives the special attention of a coach who cares.

Custom Nutrition Plan

Customized meal plans for on and off season weight management

Custom Exercise Plan

Weak point training with home and/or gym options are available

Stage  Presentation& Posing

Focused on IFBB, NPC Bikini Judging Criteria

why we do it

We’ve been there

Yaxeni was Ms. Olympia title in 2005 and winner of five Ms. International titles, in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2012.

Yaxeni is the co-owner and head personal trainer of Rypt Gym and is ranked the second best female bodybuilder in the world of all time.

Why you can trust us

Results Speak for themselves, Yaxeni has trained hundreds of competiors all over the world.  


What they say

JOse ALmeida, MD 


Being a doctor never thought I would have enough time to become a body builder.  Yaxeni made it possible to compete & win.

Clara parker

Marketing Manager

I never thought I would compete and Yaxeni made it possible.


 Exercise & Nutrition  




  • Custom Exercise Plan-
    For physique athletes interested in competing - IFBB, NPC , Amateur Judging Criteria
  • Custom Nutrition Plan-Perfect for Retaining Muscle while Losing Fat for Competition Prep

*with a minimum 12-week commitment (billed monthly)

  • 30-minute Initial Zoom or Telephone consultation
  • 15-minute bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) follow up on Zoom, or Phone
  • Customized meal plans (based on your tastes, caloric needs, and goals)
  • Weekly itemized shopping list
  • Assessments Every 2-Weeks (pictures, measurements, weight & mood evaluated)
  • Access to Rypt App for Exercise & Meal  Plan Support
  • Email support
  • Discounted In-person Training Session Available
Contest Prep

CONTEST PREPARATION -practice mandatory poses and routine - IFBB, NPC , Amateur Judging Criteria




  • In-person and Zoom  available
  • Email support

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